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Nano LiquiTec® & The Green Tech Space

Nano LiquiTec® increases energy efficiency and reduces carbon emissions. Nano LiquiTec® is a green product within the energy space and in the category of engineering, architecture, and design. Further, Nano LiquiTec® is a green nanotechnology.

The phrase “green technology” generally refers to the application of advanced systems and services to a wide variety of industry sectors in order to improve sustainability and efficiency. These improvements could include: reduction of waste, spoilage, and shrinkage; improvement of energy efficiency and energy conservation; creation of systems that are energy self-sustaining; the reduction of carbon emissions; a reduction in toxic waste and the emission of toxic gasses such as volatile organic compounds (VOCs); creation of products that are biodegradable; enhancement of water conservation and water quality; and promotion of the reuse and recycling of materials of all types.

Nano LiquiTec® with Graphene Dynamics®is the first green nanotechnology in the world engineered specifically to solve oil fouling.

Residential and commercial buildings account for almost 40% of total, global energy consumption, alone, and nearly 40% of global carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions. Nearly all of the greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from the residential and commercial sectors can be attributed to energy use in buildings. Many governments have implemented efficiency regulations specific to commercial buildings, and many building owners have adopted energy-efficient technology as part of voluntary building rating standards or to reduce operating expenses. However, the cooling, heating, and refrigeration markets remain dependent on construction activity and economic conditions in each world region.

Nano LiquiTec® significantly contributes to filling this worldwide need to save energy in commercial buildings and government installations. HVAC systems, alone, are responsible for approximately 40% of global energy consumption and 21% of greenhouse gas emissions, placing Nano LiquiTec® in a position to directly address growing, global energy efficiency concerns.


Nano LiquiTec® addresses the following customer needs. Our product:

EPA comparative payback for other green technologies (The payback on Nano LiquiTec® is typically within 24 months.):




Deutsche Nano LiquiTec, GmbH, is an official organizational member of the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC).

USGBC member organizations make up a global community of true leaders in their industries and the green building movement. As a member, Deutsche Nano LiquiTec, GmbH, is involved in key decision-making processes guiding the future of USGBC and push the green building industry forward.

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