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Introducing Deutsche Nano LiquiTec GmbH

The Official Developer and Manufacturer of Nano LiquiTec® with Graphene Dynamics® Green Nanotechnology – A Patented Scientific Breakthrough

A Disruptive Innovation Engineered to Exceed The World’s Energy & CO2 Reduction Goals

Frankfurt am Main, Germany, Global Headquarters of Deutsche Nano LiquiTec, GmbH

Frankfurt am Main, Germany, The Global Headquarters of Deutsche Nano LiquiTec GmbH

Deutsche Nano LiquiTec GmbH, Frankfurt, Germany, is the official developer, manufacturer, and global reseller of the first-to-market, environmentally friendly (green) nanotechnology liquid, Nano LiquiTec® with Graphene Dynamics®. Nano LiquiTec® is a patented green nanotechnology.

Our company’s business vision is based on the anticipated global demand for our product. Nano LiquiTec® is consistent in its energy-reduction performance, which creates savings of significant magnitude, allowing funds previously budgeted for energy-related expenses to be designated for other uses. This breakthrough technology is engineered with nanoscience (a key technology of the 21st century) for the purposes of saving energy in cooling, heating, and refrigeration systems and to eliminate a considerable share of the world’s energy consumption. The aim is to reduce energy consumption, thereby simultaneously diminishing emissions and energy costs.

Nano LiquiTec® is engineered with a proprietary mixture of pure graphene and nanoparticles and provides a cost-effective energy-saving solution for the world’s cooling, refrigeration, and heating systems. Graphene has stimulated intense, global interest as a known, superior thermal conductivity enhancement. The application of graphene as a key element of Nano LiquiTec® means this breakthrough technology achieves higher efficiency gains while establishing it as the most innovative in its field.

In order to meet the highest quality standards and the demand of our global customers, we follow a thorough process of quality-controlled production. We formulate, manufacture, and bottle Nano LiquiTec® products with top, German laboratories, production facilities, state-of-the-art technology, and only highly-qualified personnel. The production takes place in Germany. The products of the Deutsche Nano LiquiTec GmbH carry the
designation of origin “ENGINEERED IN GERMANY” and are distributed under their brand names worldwide.

The production is in the form of commissioned production. Our quality-assurance production program guarantees Nano LiquiTec® leaves our manufacturing facilities ready to meet the highest quality standards and performance expectations. Our quality seal “ENGINEERED IN GERMANY” ensures customers the highest level of quality standards, innovation, and reliability, as Germany is recognized as the worldwide leader in the development of green technology.

Nano LiquiTec® creates colder vent air, saves energy (and cooling costs) at an average of 25% in cooling, heating, and refrigeration systems, all while saving saves energy at an average of 47% in heat pumps. It reduces carbon emissions, acts as an eco-friendly lubricant, and reduces friction and wear for the life of each treated system.

Whether our customers’ heating, cooling, heating, and refrigeration systems’ energy efficiency improving needs are commercial, industrial, residential, or in the automotive industry, Nano LiquiTec® works for every organization and industry sector.

Nano LiquiTec® Global Production & Freight Sites

Nano LiquiTec® delivers significant and measurable fuel/kWh savings, or valuable benefits through reduced processing times. Cost savings can be applied across the refrigerated products supply chain, including pre-cooling, storage, and retail. NLT BOTTLE SIDEIt is installed once and lasts for the life of the system (In chillers, a small booster charge is required after the third oil change or in approximately 7-8 years.)


The Deutsche Nano LiquiTec Group manufactures three advanced oil fouling eliminating green nanotechnologies:


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Industry Affiliations

U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC)

Deutsche Nano LiquiTec GmbH is an organizational member of the U.S. Green Building Council.

USGBC member organizations make up a global community of true leaders in their industries and the green building movement. As a member, Deutsche Nano LiquiTec GmbH is involved in key decision-making processes guiding the future of USGBC and push the green building industry forward.

The United States Green Chamber of Commerce (USGCC)

Deutsche Nano LiquiTec GmbH is a business member of The United States Green Chamber of Commerce.

The United States Green Chamber of Commerce (USGCC) is a national networking organization for businesses and community organizations that emphasize green and sustainable business practices. It asserts that sustainable business practices “spur innovation, job creation, energy efficiency and, an overall brighter economic future through the triple bottom line: economic, environmental, and social sustainability.”



For more information, contact us at +1 813.639.4293 in North America or at +49 69.9592.5139 in Germany.

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