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Introducing Patent Pending

Nano LiquiTec® with Graphene Dynamics®

A Disruptive Innovation Engineered to Exceed The World’s Energy & CO2 Reduction Goals


Nano LiquiTec™

Nano LiquiTec™, along with Nano LiquiTec A™ (for ammonia systems), is patent pending and engineered with a proprietary mixture of pure graphene and nanotechnology and provides simplified and cost effective energy saving solutions for the world’s cooling, refrigeration and heating systems. Graphene has stimulated intense global interest as a known, superior thermal conductivity enhancer. Applying graphene, as a key element of Nano LiquiTec™, confirms this breakthrough technology achieves higher efficiency gains, while establishing it as the most innovative in its field.

Nano LiquiTec™ with Graphene Dynamics™ is a breakthrough synthetic catalyst nanotechnology engineered specifically to solve a costly problem called oil fouling. Installing Nano LiquiTec™ with Graphene Dynamics™ means creating colder vent air, saving energy at an average of 25%, reducing your organization’s carbon footprint, and saving money—or get your money back.

Nano LiquiTec™ is an engineered synthetic formula, designed specifically to improve operational performance and restore lost efficiency in heat pumps, refrigeration and air conditioning systems.

Nano LiquiTec™ delivers significant and measurable fuel/KWh savings and valuable processing benefits through reduced cooling times.

Cost savings can be achieved across the refrigerated products supply chain, including pre-cooling, cold storage, transportation, industrial and commercial.

It is installed once and lasts for the life of the system.

It is a non-toxic, non-hazardous, green nanotechnology.

It reduces energy consumption, reducing your carbon emissions and greenhouse gases.


Zero Downsides

Learn why installing Nano LiquiTec™ with Graphene Dynamics™ improves your energy efficiency and your bottom line.

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Understand the problem of oil fouling and discover the solution.

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A Breakthrough Green Nanotechnology

The Nano LiquiTec™ with Graphene Dynamics™ formula was developed in Germany, the world’s center for advanced technological breakthroughs.



Discover the energy efficiency values that Nano LiquiTec® with Graphene Dynamics® can bring your business.

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Learn why Nano LiquiTec® with Graphene Dynamics® is completely unique.

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