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Nano LiquiTec® with Graphene Dynamics® is a Scientific Breakthrough Solution for a Growing, Global Issue

techdatacentersHighly effective cooling within data centers is a fundamental function of their smooth and efficient operation. Cooling equipment is a major share of the cost within a data center’s capital expenditure outlay. A combination of energy efficiency measures and rising energy costs have resulted in companies searching for ways of lowering their power usage effectiveness (PUE) and operating costs. This is especially crucial for the colocation data centers. In particular, big data companies have been criticized for their inefficiency, which is seeing their adoption of newer technologies. The cooling segment of the data center market is undergoing some dramatic changes and has opened opportunities for a range of technologies, such as Nano LiquiTec® with Graphene Dynamics®.

Data centers have been called “the backbone of the modern economy,” from the server rooms that power small-to-medium-sized organizations to the enterprise data centers that support corporations and the server farms that run cloud computing services hosted by Amazon, Facebook, Google, and others. However, the explosion of digital content, big data, e-commerce, and Internet traffic is also making data centers one of the fastest-growing consumers of electricity in developed countries, and one of the key drivers in the construction of new power plants.

Nano LiquiTec® with Graphene Dynamics® works in data centers.

Nano LiquiTec® with Graphene Dynamics® will reduce the delivered air temperature, increase the efficiency of systems installed and reduce cycle times, all of which help reduce energy usage and carbon footprints for data center facilities. The heat loads in data rooms require CRAC systems to operate year round. The ambient temperatures have little to no effect on the demand for cooling since the heat loads are the same. CRAC units are some of the most mission-critical equipment that ensures the servers or switching equipment operates in a stable environment.

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