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The world’s governments own and lease millions of buildings; vehicles and other structures, making government entities prime market targets for mandates and approved contractor opportunities. As an example, The US General Services Administration (GSA) owns and leases nearly 10,000 federal buildings nationwide and is partnering with industry to make federal buildings more energy efficient through the use of innovative technologies such as solar panels, advanced lighting systems, geothermal technology, and low-flow plumbing systems. Each U.S. federal agency has mandated sustainability goals to meet. Existing government mandate examples: The Republic of Korea has a policy of “extended producer responsibility,” which requires companies to recycle packaging. This program has increased recycling by 14% and estimated savings by $1.6 billion (United Nations Environment Programme, 2011). Other mandates include direct requirements for green technologies. For example, Bangladesh mandates the utilization of solar PV in new construction; Israel mandates utilization of solar hot water; and other countries, such as Brazil, have mandates for biofuels.

Military plane at sunsetThe U.S. Energy Information Administration states energy consumption from cooling and refrigeration can equal 30% to 75% of total electricity costs. This excludes heat pump usage. By increasing efficiency by 25% on average, the government could save approximately $100,000, and more, for every million dollars spent on HVAC and refrigeration electricity costs.

Next, consider this eye-opening fact: If the residential and commercial sectors of the United States were to utilize Nano LiquiTec® with Graphene Dynamics®, the nation could cut an average of 25% on cooling, heating, and refrigeration costs. That equates to billions of dollars saved to American taxpayers, annually, in this example. (Nano LiquiTec® with Graphene Dynamics® cuts 10% of energy usage, minimum, or a customer receives 100% of their money back.)

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