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Scientific Breakthrough

Synthetic Catalyst

Makes Heat Pumps,
Air Conditioning, & Refrigeration Systems
Operate More Efficiently

Reduces Carbon Emissions & Energy Costs
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Nano LiquiTec®


Nano LiquiTec® saves money by reducing energy costs at an average of 25%

Nano LiquiTec® extends the life of cooling, heating, and refrigeration equipment.

Installation is fast, causing zero disruption to systems or business operations.

Nano LiquiTec® reduces carbon emissions while increasing the SEER rating of equipment.

Nano LiquiTec® is a green product engineered with the latest developments in graphene and nanoscience, key technologies of the 21st century.

Nano LiquiTec® is a disruptive innovation engineered to exceed the world's energy & CO2 reduction needs.

Energy Inefficiency

The Challenge
in Numbers

65% of global warming pollution is estimated to come from energy generation and use

€25 billion paid by consumers every year for electricity estimated to be lost to energy waste and inefficiency.

€108 billion spent each year on energy bills for commercial buildings.

30% of energy used by commercial buildings could be cut through investments in energy efficiency.


How it Works

Here’s The Story

The Power of Nano LiquiTec®

Nano LiquiTec® with Graphene Dynamics® green nanotechnology reduces energy bills at an average of
25% by reducing kWh consumption and carbon emissions.

It Works

Systems treated with Nano LiquiTec® result in less energy usage, lower utility bills, and a reduction in carbon emissions. Nano LiquiTec® lowers maintenance costs and extends the life of the equipment.

Easy Installation

Nano LiquiTec® installation is fast and simple. Neither the system’s operation—nor the flow of business—is disrupted. There is no downtime before, during, or after installation.

Certification & Warranty

Nano LiquiTec® offers a worldwide network of certified licensed HVAC and heat pump professionals trained to install Nano LiquiTec®. Using Nano LiquiTec® will not void the manufacturer’s warranty.


Nano LiquiTec® is a cost-effective, scientifically developed, and eco-friendly green nanotechnology for HVACR and heat pump systems. It is 100% money-back guaranteed. Nano LiquiTec® works every time.

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Nano LiquiTec® Green Nanotechnology


According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, energy consumption from HVAC and refrigeration can equal 30% to 75% of total electricity costs. By increasing efficiency by about 20%, a consumer could save approximately $100k and more for every million dollars spent on cooling, heating, and refrigeration electricity costs. Nano LiquiTec® reduces carbon emissions.

Nano LiquiTec® meets the needs of your industry.


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