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Food & Beverage Industry – Cold Storage

The Cold Facts about Nano LiquiTec® and Cold Storage

The commercial refrigeration system market is segmented on the basis of application in food and beverage production, food and beverage retail, food, and beverage distribution, and the food storage and service industry where refrigeration systems are used for commercial purposes. The food and beverage industry requires extensive use of hygienic and effective cooling, heating, and refrigeration to ensure optimal processing of highly perishable products. The air quality has a direct impact on the quality and durability of food and beverage. The majority of the demand for HVAC is expected to arise from meat processing plants equipped with advanced and energy-efficient air treatment units. The cooling and refrigeration systems used in meat processing allow packaging of colds cuts almost at 0°C, and also disinfect the air, thus enhancing plant productivity and product durability. HVAC systems are primarily used to prevent air contamination in the food packaging industry. The packaged food industry uses a variety of materials such as plastic, glass, paperboard, and aluminum canning for products such as snack items, confectioneries, meat and seafood, fruits, cheese, vegetables, and condiments. The growth of this industry has a direct impact on the HVAC market in the food packaging industry. Therefore, the major demand for industrial heating, air conditioning, and refrigeration systems is expected to arise due to the growing demand for packaged foods and upgrading of systems to more energy-efficient systems.

According to the Global Cold Chain Alliance®, a facility’s refrigeration system can be the costliest culprit of a high utility bill. The average U.S. public refrigerated warehouse uses about 1.54 kWh per cubic foot, but should, in fact, use less than 0.6 kWh per cubic foot – less than 40% of the current usage. The opportunities for energy savings in PRWs are staggering, and Nano LiquiTec® is a real solution.

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